To assist and guide performers in their pursuit of excellence by leveraging our experiences and research so that each client is in the best position to maximize their personal experiences. 

Navigating performance settings can be tricky. Regardless of industry or level, there are inherent pressures, expectations, and consequences that are often overwhelming. Our ADAPT team has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the athletic and behavior worlds. We understand all the challenges coaches, parents, and athletes face in terms of developing skills, motivation, and overall performance. 

Not everyone can be the “best.” Not everyone can be in first place. Not everyone can be the top salesman. Not everyone can be Coach of the Year. Not everyone can be MVP. But EVERYONE CAN be the best version of themselves! We are here to assist in that process. 

What separates ADAPT from the rest?


With others, there are books, online programs, one-hour appearances, and one-stop packages that can be purchased. However, that’s where the interaction stops- with the purchase of the product. You are left with your own interpretations and left with more questions. 



At ADAPT, we not only focus on the content, but the RELATIONSHIP and personal CONNECTIONS. We value the overall EXPERIENCES of training and learning. Our clients are offered multiple touch points and various avenues to reach us before, during, and long after their training sessions. 


Our ADAPT team has studied, researched, and applied all the content distributed. What does this mean? Our team not only has the academic background but has also actively been a part of the industries they serve. We have FIRSTHAND experiences in various roles of each setting (player, coach, manager, supervisor, director, employee, leader, mom, dad, etc.). We connect with our clients on multiple layers rather than simply marketing our degrees or teams we have worked with. In short, we have actually done what we train and have empirical research to back it up. 


We are less interested in promoting how many championships our clients have won. We are more interested in the human experience we assist with. The winning, personal gains, and self-actualization are by-products of improving the overall way of approaching the world.