A highly trained athlete with limited ability to navigate the mental game will fail to experience their full athletic capability.


Dugout Chatter: Stick & Ball TV


Dodgers Assistant Field Coordinator & Coordinator of Skill Development Shaun  Larkin and one of LA’s top prospects Gavin Lux are interviewed together. They walk through both of their journeys and discoveries along their paths, detailing  out their personal and professional growth plus the unique organizational culture growing out in Los Angeles. 

The Sport Psych Show


Dan Abrahams and Shaun Larkin discuss the importance of mental skills, sport psychology for tough times as well as good times, player development, strain on young baseball players, and practice strategies.

Baseball Outside the Box


Coach Caliendo and Shaun Larkin dive into  key elements of a quality practice design across all age levels. Larkin explores topics such as what it means to create an optimal learning  environment, why it is important to understand the individual player in order to develop skills and manage behaviors, and some pitfalls that coaches may fall into. 

Ahead of the Curve


 Jonathan  Gelnar and Shaun Larkin discuss what practice should look like and discuss 5  key components that a quality plan should have. But, should they all  look the same? We take a dive into practice theory and current research  on skill acquisition and skill transfer.

Talent Equation


 Discusses the  tradition of baseball practice and how it misses many key concepts.  This conversation is unscripted and goes down several paths revolving  around skill acquisition, skill transfer, and practice design. 



 In depth  conversation about practice and the mindset that should accompany it.  There is a long held belief that repetitions alone (and perfect ones) are the only thing you need to master the skill. However, this  discussion will explore some pitfalls with that viewpoint. We also get  into behavior and the importance of understanding WHY players and  coaches behave the way they do .