ADAPT takes pride in the personal relationship with our client base and view them as teammates. The athletes, coaches, parents, and businesses that join the ADAPT team, experience individualized interactions, programs, and care. 



Do you struggle with confidence?

Are you experiencing success in practice, but continually fail during competition?

Do you struggle to get past poor game performance?

Do game situations create anxiety and limit your physical ability?

Do you have a strategy that gets you through slumps and back on track?

Do you know WHY you perform well or WHAT holds you back from performing at your best?


ADAPT trained athletes are equipped to address these questions and maximize their athletic and scholastic experiences!



Are you having a hard time creating the culture you want?

Are your players responding the way you envisioned?

Are your practice designs optimal for game performance?

Are you struggling with player behavioral issues or consistency?

Does your staff communicate effectively?

Are you fully aware of your coaching philosophy and how it impacts your team and staff?

ADAPT trained coaches are equipped with the tools that will maximize their coaching ability!



Do you have a hard time relating to your child’s performance struggles?

Are you confident with your communication strategies?

Are you creating the appropriate environment for your child to perform at his/her best?

Do you have a proactive strategy to help your child navigate the struggles and success of their sport/school?

Are your expectations in line with what your child wants?

You want to be the solution, not the problem. Are you aware of the role you are playing in your child’s athletic experience?

ADAPT trained parents will learn how to be force multipliers and experience their child’s successes more often (on and off the field)!



Have you created a dynamic work environment?

Are you struggling with employee's showing up late, not completing tasks, or just going through the motions?

Are your leaders equipped to achieve the very best performance from staff?

Do you know what motivates your employees?

Do your supervisors avoid the "tough" conversations with staff?

Are you looking to increase your skills to develop personal and professional growth from your team?

ADAPT trained businesses will be equipped to develop leaders and create work environments that motivate and sustain positive changes needed to achieve business success!


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